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with nature could help you get a good night's sleep a stern warning from america's cup after actor tom cruise took a spin on the bay. >> i'm sandhya patel. i'll show what you weather changes are coming up straight ahead. >> thank you. >> and michael finney checks out a classic american car is that making a >>> sky 7 shows firefighters tackling a brush fire this afternoon starting about 3:00 )y and winds spread so quickly authorities should down willow pass road during response this, is just across the street from the sea cal power plant at 10th street. the plant was never in danger. a new study in oakland found a whooping cough shot for adults are not always enough to prevent outbreaks. the booster was found to be effective only 53% to 64% of the time. researchers say it points to the fact a new vaccine is needed to prevent the outbreaks becoming more common these days. one of the america cup teams is in hot water for letting actor tom cruise and his son steer one of the racing boats. void vido released of them on board but it turns out guests have been banned on board since a deadly zment ma
has an official challenger in the america's cup. that's straight ahead. >>> also strong words from syria. what officials are saying about a chemical weapons attack and the harsh warning for the u.s. >>> and the latest local target and protes >>> displaying large rainbow flags, a group in san francisco protested russia's law banning what the country calls gay propaganda. the group gays without borders picketed st. nicholas orthodox church in the castro. they want a dialogue with the church. no one at the church could be reached for comment. >>> anti-government rebels claim 300 people died after a toxic gas attack last week. the white house says there is, quote, very little doubt that syria used chemical weapons against its own citizens. syria's deputy foreign minister denies it. >> this is a big lie. and in syria we have a responsible government, but at the same time we have irresponsible enemies. >> the syrian government accuses rebels of the attack and warn the united states not to launch any military action saying such a move would set the middle east ablaze. president obama is l
is next. >> thanks for joining us. >>> this is "world news." tonight on the brink. is america about to take military action against syria because of chemical weapons? tonight a new warning and u.n. inspectors under fire. >>> saving yosemite, 3,500 firefighters battling the largest wildfire in america, trying to save an american treasure. >>> watch dog, we are looking out for waste of taxpayer dollars. why are two government agencies spending millions on one fish? >>> and american hero, the staff sergeant honored for bravery overseas and the new courageous battle he is fighting for others right here at home.
times" is reporting today banks like bank of america, citi bank and wells fargo are using data bases of past transgressions in banking products by potential customers. the banks defend the practice saying it helps them weed out risky customers and combat fraud. those vulnerable are low income americans living paycheck to paycheck. advocates say this force pemz to turn to costly check cashing services and pay day lenders for financial needs. silicon valley congress woman is fed up in cha what she considers hidden fees in many cell phone contracts. for seven largest providers. and is asking the fcc to issue a report and be impact on consumers. bottom line, they she says is that fees are not listed in the price of monthly service. how would you like to pay more than $2 a gallon to fuel your automobile? is possible because ford announced it will sell a liquefied version of the popular f 150 pickup truck. it will cost about $10,000 more than current models. ford says you'll make that up in two to three years in lower fuel costs because natural gas currently goes for $2.11 per gallon. othe
reportedly hit the bank of america on teravel street. gain, the same mo last thursday, fbi says the robbers took over the first republic bank on geary. the agency is looking for a second robber dubbing this man up close bandit because of the clarity of the security video. so far, he hasn't been as violent as high jumpers. >> he's simulating as if he had a weapon. he never displays the weapon. and if not mistaken, he utilized a note. >> the fbi says since october they've]t had 160 robberies in the san francisco jurisdiction not -- that is from oregon border an increase from same time last year. they've seen a pattern developing in these robberies not only in the commercial districts but in shopping centers. >> napa county sheriff's deputy was in the right place when a robbery went down today. a man just robbed a bank in nappa. an alert went out giving officers a description. a sheriff's deputy was leaving a restaurant saw the suspects and made at rests. >> unions representing ac transit workers say they're preparing to walk off the job. nick smith is live >> management working to avoid that
their process there's is no reason we cannot do the same near america. >> would you think of the speech? >> i thought it was terrific. >> it's important to bring important madders to us. and voting rights become an important issue. >> her international per suspect jiff valuable. she's watched democrat says around the world. people look to us as an example. unfortunately in many cases, people have greater rights to go out and vote than we could, here. series of speeches she says she plans to give. someone called this a slow flirtation with the president six she's not announced her candidacy but people who listen to everything hillary clinton has to say wonder about her presidential ambitions. we'll talk to people on both sides of the aisle coming up at 6:00. >> attorney general holder spoke to the american bar association announcing a major shift in the way prosecutors will targ yitd many low-level drug offenders today. many state and federal laws require long prison sentences for people conviktd of certain crimes. >> wide spread incarceration is ineffective and unsustainable imposes an econom
of america branch last month after robbing it. he is expected in one other bank job was arrested with out incident. >> a judge handed out stiff sentences today to two men convicted in the gang rape of a richmond teenager. jose monano received a sentence of 32 years to life. prosecutors accused the men of raping a 16-year-old girl outside of a home coming dance at richmond high school in 2009. the victim did not attend today's sentencing. she wrote a statement read in court describing the physical and psychological hardships since she was attacked. four men have been sentenced, two more waiting to go to trial. >> and police describe them as eight of oakland's most powerful and violent criminal nouz in custody. today police announced arrests after a series of targeted raids last night. officers sought those eight criminals after they refused to cooperate with a cease fire program offering job training and education to known criminals those who refuse to turn their lives around are arrested. >> to me when you arrest one person for a violent crime that is a major arrest. these individuals we
parents are on their best behavior. we got the details of a new crackdown ahead. >>> and then, america's cup action, but today wasn't exactly smooth sailing. why one team dropped out and one race has been >> it's that time of year again. school starts tomorrow for thousands of children in the bay area. the first full week of school for students in the san jose unified school district. they return to class last wednesday. classes in the oakland unified district begin august 26th and the first day of classes for public school students in san francisco is tomorrow. >>> to protect children, san francisco police will have extra patrols near schools over the next two days. officers will be targeting drivers who violate the 15-miles-an-hour speed limit for school zones. enforcement officers will focus on elementary schools. with operations scheduled between 7:00 and 9:00 in the morning and 1:30 and 3:30 in the afternoon. >> the semifinals of the america's cup are not turning out to be the one-sided event many people thought. itly's luna rosa took the second race on san francisco bay, tying th
, and how should america respond? >>> paradise at risk, yosemite, a national treasure, one of america's favorite family parks in the line of a wildfire. >>> stop the thieves. we show you the time of day when burglars like to strike your home and a new device to catch them.
another live report from front lines of the fire burn clogs to america's national treasure%=#t. you're going so see the last stand. >> now a two day crack down on transient sex offenders is underway. two dozen local, state and federal agents are taking part in the sexual assault enforcement searching for sex offenders in violation of registration requirements. >> there are 4,000 registered sex offenders of those, over 500 registered as transients. right now we know of over 20 ask we're looking for more. >> police contacted five sex offenders today but they were all properly registered. >> police investigating a shooting death that happened just as a major crack down was happening. abc 7 news is live from oakland tonight with more on the shooting and operation. >> in just the last hour there have been shootings throughout east oakland this, afternoon, gunfire claimed live of a victim. and, this just as police cracked down on their criminals through operation cease fire. >> as soon as i heard the two shots i knew. >> investigators aren't saying much about this neighborhood only confir
to you on this monday night and tonight america's sport, major league baseball, is making good on a promise to clean up the game. 12 big stars banned for the rest of the season for cheating with drugs. while another one, superstar
on family and race in america, and her return to acting. get ready for an oprah like never before. >>> good evening to you on this friday night.
exclusive. >>> and another record powerball jackpot looming. so where are the luckiest stores in america?
to do with it. >>> horseback ride north america idaho who spotted the suspected double murdererrer and his teenage captive are telling reporters the two did not want to talk. james lee dimaggio was shot to death by fbi agents yesterday in the idaho wilderness. one of the riders noticed the two were not equipped to camp in the rugged terrain and tried to talk to the 16-year-old girl. >> i said to the girl, that was soaking her feet, what are you doing with your feet in water? there's fish in there. and trying to joke. and then as we turned to ride away, she didn't make any comment. so we started riding away and then says looks like we're all in trouble now. >> anna anderson was found safe and is in hospital under observation. dimaggio is suspected of having kale hannah's brother and her mam. >> now we can take our time to grieve my daughter and mr. grandson. -- and my grandson, but we have our granddaughter, and couldn't ask for anything more at this point. >> ama: hannah's dad is expected to land in idaho shortly. >> today state department officials re-opened several embassies and
the chaos. america's ally egypt erupts in violence today. gunfire, tear gas. families caught in the cross fire and tonight, the united states must decide what to do next. >>> mystery crash. a huge cargo plane crashes on landing, narrowly missing houses, clipping the tops of trees. what happened? >>> twisting flame. a rare fire tornado breaks out in the midst of a fire-fighting battle. >>> and real money. a shopping spree from computers to clothing, and we save a family thousands of dollars, in a few minutes, tonight. >>> and good evening to all of you. and tonight, we are all watching
warning for america. >>> breaking news, the latest on what happened when 87-year-old icon dick van dyke explained that fiery car before it exploded. we'll tell you what we've learned. >>> the family photos are here, mom, dad and tiny prince george together at home. >> good evening on a monday night. as we come on the air it is man versus nature, and there is a map that says it all, a giant
news at 6:00. >> world news is next. >>> this is "world news." tonight taking aim, america weighs military action against syria and tonight we take you inside the mind of the leader accused of unleashing chemical war. could he make a direct hit on the united states? our martha raddatz is in the region with the news. >>> extreme weather forcing children to cool off in ice cubes, schools closed in six states and out west have fearless firefighters stopped the blaze near yosemite. >>> watch dog, we find $1 million of taxpayer money going to waste in a closet. trying to get action tonight. >>> hidden world, the closed life of the amish, is it finally exposed and is there really an amish mafia?
of the march on washington bells tolled at 3:00 eastern time to commemorate the moment dr. king urged america to let freedom ring. >> everyone who realizes what those glorious patrons knew on that day that change did not .lshington.ashington but to change has been built on our willingness. we the people to take on the medal of citizenship. >> president obama did not shy away from challenges still in the way of fulfilling dr. king's dream. and consumer reports partnered with 7 on your side fr a report on those low-scoring japanese cars. >> this is interesting. japanese car makers take all five top spots in the list whof makes the best cars. those winning companies are lexus, subaru and ak curea. but not all japanese cars earn ak yol yaids at consumer reports test track. consumer reports putting cars through over 50 tests and emergency handles. many score high a surprising number haven't made the grade recently. >> one car disappointed us was this sedan that cost $55,000 but not competitive. >> for $16,000 less consumer reports says the chevolet impala delivers a comfortable ride, handling bett
hit, america's biggest sport will pay nearly $1 billion to football players with brain injuries from the field. but what is the sheer force of one of those blows that will today change the game? >>> countdown to a possible u.s. military strike on syria. president obama is making his case to congress, and we look at the family secrets of the syrian leader. >>> sleeping pills, a wakeup call for americans. a new truth about how many of us are using them and what they do to your body. >>> and behind the headlines tonight, the wife of george zimmerman speaking out, what she says happened the night before trayvon martin was shot.
if america will
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